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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the Paint Protection Film process take?
    The full PPF process takes around 4-6 working days. This includes preparing the car, paint correction, PPF application, curing and quality control.
  • Is there any maintenance servicing needed for my Paint Protection Film?
    We ask our clients to come back after 1 month for a check up after PPF application to ensure curing has effectively taken place. After this time, there is no need for a yearly check up/maintenance, but if you have any concerns with your PPF we are always happy to check it out.
  • Why do I need to detail my new car?
    Even premium and low volume manufacturers have limits to the time they can spend finishing a vehicle’s paintwork. At Monza Detailing we can take the manufacturer’s finish to the next level. The enhancement that is possible even on a brand new car is incredible.
  • Can you Detail/PPF my car before collecting from the dealership?
    Yes of course we can Detail/PPF your new vehicle prior to the dealership collection. Just contact us to arrange.
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