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Vehicle Care & Detailing

Here at Monza Detailing, we provide multiple services for car care and detailing; from maintenance washes, paint corrections to Ceramic coatings.

Detailing services

  • New Car Detail - Prices from £200

  • Paint Enhancement - Prices from £150

  • Paint Correction - Prices from £300

  • Ceramic Coatings - Prices from £70

  • Maintenance and Top Up - Prices from £30

Paint Correction

paint correction is the art of molecularly refining the paint surface to its original condition, removing any sanding marks and restoring the clarity. A super high gloss will be achieved like it was when still new.


Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating helps maintain a cars paintwork when washing and cleaning. it also adds a level of gloss to the paintwork which in time will fade due to constant polishing, waxing and being exposed to an array of chemicals. Once ceramic coating is applied it allows for easy (chemical free) cleaning with the use of water alone.


Maintenance Wash

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